#4 Reason Homes Don’t Sell~ Unpleasant Odors in the House

#4 Reason Homes Don’t Sell~ Unpleasant Odors in the House

bad smell “Mr. & Mrs. Seller, your house stinks!” Most agents aren’t going to be this blunt.  But in some cases they wish they could be!  They’ll take a more tactical approach, and say something like…”during the time your house is on the market, it might be a good idea to smoke outside.”

Agents know nothing will stop a potential buyer in their tracks faster than a strong odor of any sort.  In some cases, it could be last nights dinner lingering around, but most cases is a long term odor, caused by something still going on in the home..

The main concern for the buyer is, or course, “is the house going to smell like this if we move in?”  Many a buyer pass on the home after considering this question.

Your agent isn’t suggesting a fresh coat of paint and new carpet, because they don’t like how things look.  They are making this suggestion because they realize that the smoke or urine odor in your home is going to be a major turn off for a potential buyer.
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