#6 Home Seller Mistake ~ Unwilling to Negotiate with Buyers

#6 Home Seller Mistake ~ Unwilling to Negotiate with Buyers

images (2) Setting a market price on a home is not an exact science.  Many real estate agents will give the seller a range in which they predict the home will sell.  As a seller, you should always want the most money the market will bear.  That being said, the unwillingness to negotiate with buyers can turn away even the most serious buyers.

Price is not the only condition which is open to negotiation.  Buyers and sellers can negotiate on dates, fixtures that might stay with the home, repairs, and a host of other sticking points.

Don’t be insulted by low offers.  Buyers want to get the home for the best price, and on the best terms they can.  Just like a seller wants to sell for the best price on the best terms. It’s rare that either party walks away from a negotiation with everything they want. Motivated sellers understand this and are willing to negotiate.

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