#9 Seller Mistake ~ Playing Tour Guide

#9 Biggest Seller Mistake is Home Owners Playing Tour Guide During Showings

open house sign Almost every real estate agent who participated in this survey agreed that sellers should leave the house during showings.  Some sellers want to stick around and make sure buyers see all the important features of a home.  The problem with that is, as a seller, you don’t know what is important to that particular buyer.

Sellers that hover around during a showing will make the buyer nervous.  They will not feel comfortable discussing things they like or dislike about the house with their agent.  In addition, most buyers like to explore a little bit, like open cabinets and closets to get a better sense of the entire home.  A hovering seller can make this very uncomfortable for most buyers.

Bottom line — leave the house when it is being shown.  Your presence there will likely cause buyers to leave early, without really exploring the house and getting a chance to see themselves living in the home.

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