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Elk Grove Short Sales by Lori Mode

Elk Grove Short Sale by Lori Mode

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Our team of experienced Elk Grove Real Estate Agents, specializes in Short Sales in Elk Grove.  A Short Sale essentially is the sale of the home for a price short of what you owe the bank.  If approved by the bank, this is a good option instead of foreclosure, which can damage your credit even more.  In order to get it approved, you will need to prove a hardship.  A hardship is defined as a material change in the stability of the homeowner between date of home purchase and date of Short Sale negotiations.  There can be many reasons why the hardship occurred, and it is a good idea to include a personal letter to the lender as to what the exact situation is.

When selling a home via an Elk Grove Short Sale, it is a similar process to a Standard Re-Sale.

  • Hire a qualified Elk Grove Real Estate Agent
  • Contact your lender
  • List the property
  • Receive and Accept an offer
  • Submit Short Sale Package to lender
  • Receive and approve the Lender Approval
  • Escrow Period

If you are considering an Elk Grove Short Sale, be sure to contact us first!  We can help you through the entire process with ease.  Our Elk Grove Real Estate team has been successfully selling short sales for many years and are very experienced.

Just a Few of the Short Sales we closed in 2012

  • 8771 Mesa Brook Way
  • 952 Doradell Way
  • 7843 Lahontan Circle
  • 3321 Rio Rocca Way
  • 9440 Dantley Court
  • 8861 Kelsey Drive
  • 5412 Tegan Road
  • 9478 Sidesaddle
  • 3500 58th Street
  • 9841 Lois Stiltner
  • 6909 Lincoln Oaks Drive

See if you qualify to sell your home as a Short Sale

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Grab the life preserver! Don’t go under!! Short Sale may be your option


Elk Grove short sale Homeowners–Have you been considering what to do with your current home? Should you short sell? Foreclose? Sell at a loss?? There are sooo many questions that I’m sure you have! Unless you have been in the business of real estate and working with this crazy market we are in-I know you do.

There are differences between a short sale and foreclosing, find out what they are before you take action! A short sale is the better option but needs to be put into action before the bank decides to foreclose. You will still be in control of the sale, and who the buyer is! It will also be easier to get into another home sooner if you short sell vs. foreclose. Did you know there are lenders out there that are giving homeowners CASH incentives to short sell instead of foreclose?? It cost’s them the most if they foreclose, so they are willing to PAY you to move out of the property before that happens! Amazing. We are not talking small change here either, the pay-outs can get pretty high!

I see you are interested now!! We have an expert team of people working to assist you in selling and getting the top dollar for your home! We also help negotiate with the bank–talk about having someone on your side! Don’t wait, before you know it, it could be too late to short sell your home!

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Get your homes current value!

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Listings courtesy of Lori Mode, Keller Williams Realty Elk Grove, (916) 405-5765, DRE License #00935148

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