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Confused about buying a home in Elk Grove?

Have you been thinking about buying a home in Elk Grove? Not sure where to start?  Confused by the process?  Don’t even know if you should call an agent and find out more?

Well, here are a few interesting quick articles that will help you demystify the process along with the current market and give you tips on just where to start.

Are You Wondering What It Takes To Buy Your First Home?

Thinking of Buying a Home?  3 Questions Every Buyer Should Answer First

Obstacles to Homeownership – Real or Perceived…Information on Credit Scores, Down Payment and more

How Long Does It Take to Save for a Down Payment?

And here are 5 Reasons to call The Mode and Durham Team to assist you in buying your home in 2016!



Want more information?  Check out our Winter Home Buying Guide



Interested in getting pre-approved to finance your new home? Contact our local lender, Blair Chapman of Summit Funding at (916) 683-7363 or complete loan application online now.


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Get Pre-Approved Before the Spring Buying Season!

Get Pre-Approved Before the Spring Buying Season!

Start Your New Home Search Today!

approval Time is FLYING!  And before you know it, we are going to be smack dab in the middle of Spring in Elk Grove, and the buyers will be coming out of hibernation!  Make sure you are ready to get your offer in ASAP when you find what you are looking for! The market is flooded with buyers, and we still need more inventory to keep up with the demands for housing they are wanting.

You can take some preliminary steps towards getting pre-approved, but once you are ready, it is important to speak with a lender directly to review your individual financial situation.

  • CREDIT It is important to make certain your credit does not surprise you with items that should not be showing, or are reported inaccurately.  Also, developing a plan of action to pay off or down credit lines is critical in planning a future home purchase.  And finally, your credit might be better than you thought, and you can purchase NOW!
  • Payment  Plan ahead for your payment.  You may find that today’s low interest rates allow more affordability than you thought!  Understand when is available as you stand today, and what you need to prepare for in the future.
  • Products  There are many products available today to aide in the purchase of a new home regardless if it is your first or your fifth!  Know what is available and how that will affect your closing costs and down payment requirements.
  • Down Payment & Closing Costs  Use a lender that will take the time to explain your options and show you how different loan products effect your down payment and closing costs.  Again, it might be more affordable today than you think!

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