Christmas Trees: Real vs. Fake

xmas Real Tree or Fake Tree?

I myself am a converted ‘has to be a real tree and anything else is just…fake!‘ to a ‘fake tree all the way, for ever and ever to come‘.    I am going on 6 years now with my original fake tree, that I bought off my mother-in-law for full price (since it was still in the box), because she decided she is now in the ‘tree’s are too much work for me anymore, I’m going treeless!‘ club.   I’m not there yet, but I can see where she’s coming from…

Search for a new home in Elk Grove for my Christmas tree!

About twice as many real trees vs fake are still sold each year!

Could it be that they are a fraction of the cost of a good fake tree, or that they don’t have to store them all year long??  I know they smell good, but man are they a lot of work!  ….Tromping around to find one, (because if your going to go with a real one, that is the only way to do it!)  Cutting it down, hauling it home, getting it stand up straight in that thing they call a tree holder, getting it inside, watering it, vacuuming all the needles up, and let’s not forget to water it every few days so it doesn’t become a huge fire hazard in your living room.

Annually there are about 210 fires caused by live Christmas trees!

What finally did me in, was coming home to the tree knocked over, presumably by the cat, and the subsequent water damage to my floor.  That was it, no more real trees!

Smaller Carbon Footprint with a Fake Tree


If you have your fake tree for at least 4 years, it is less of a carbon footprint on the earth than growing, transporting, and disposing of a real tree every year.

Did you know there is an actual website called The Christmas Tree Association?  Here is the tree ‘fact guide’ from their site:  The Christmas Tree Association ~They have more info on the snipet’s above, as well as tips, and how to pick a perfect tree!

Which ever you choose, have a great holiday!

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