Elk Grove Home Buyers ~ Why Should You Do a Final Walk Through?

Elk Grove Home Buyers ~ Why Should You Do a Final Walk Through?

This past weekend, I had a final walk through for my Elk Grove Home Buyers…they had wondered why we needed to do this because the house is in such great condition and the sellers have maintained it so well. They are just so excited by the upcoming closing the first of the week that this seemed like a waste of time. Once we completed the final walk through my Elk Grove home buyers understood why I insisted! More on this in a minute….

First, what is a final walk through? It is conducted right before escrow closes, anywhere from the day escrow closes to 5 days prior to closing. The primary purpose of a final walk through is two fold. First to make sure that the home is in the same condition as it was when the offer was written and second to make sure that any agreed upon repairs have been completed. It is not a home inspection or a time to start renegotiating with the seller on repairs. All of the negotiations should have been completed prior to the final walk through.

Things for Elk Grove home buyers to look for in a final walk through are: any broken windows, turn light fixtures on and off, check the appliances, flush the tiolets, run water and look under sinks for leaks, and make sure all debris has been removed.

Ok, so now back to my Elk Grove home buyers and their final walk through of the home they are purchasing this past weekend. It is a beautiful home and the sellers have completed all of the work. The sellers also have started to move their belongings out of the house. We walked in and this is what we saw in the family room area…..

Elk Grove home final walk through

There had been a rug over this area in the family room.  The beautiful hardwood floors that my Elk Grove home buyers loved had been discolored!  We could see exactly the outline of where the rug had been and it was not just a little discoloration.  It looked like a different flooring.  Needless to say they were very disappointed as they had no idea these hardwood floors were like this.  It had not been disclosed by the seller and of course, not discovered during our home inspection.  Since we had not closed escrow yet, we still had time to do something about it.  The buyer decided the fair thing to do was to split the cost of refinishing the floors with the seller…so each is paying $500 towards the refinishing of the floors.

Had we not done our final walk through on this beautiful Elk Grove home, the buyers would have walked in on moving day to find the floors in this condition and I would not have been able to do anything about it.  This is why we always insist that our Elk Grove home buyers do a final walk through with us!

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