Elk Grove homeowners…is a loan modification right for you?

Many homeowners who come to us to discuss whether an Elk Grove short sale on their underwater home is their best option have tried the loan modification route first.  Many have tried this route a few times only to be told that they do not qualify for a loan modification or that their payments will actually increase under the loan modification terms.  Others however, have benefited from the loan modification with their lenders and are still in their homes. 

The loan modification process is generally a trying experience for a homeowner and can be very lengthy.  With the end of debt relief tax actupon us at the end of 2012, Elk Grove homeowners should take the time to figure out their best options and whether the loan modification process is their best option.  Here is a great article written by Pamela Yip of the Dallas Daily News, that may help homeowners figure out if the loan modification is right for them.  Take the time to read it and then call us so that we can discuss your options with you.

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