GMAC Short Sale approval in less than 40 days!

Received another short sale approval on one of our Elk Grove short sales from

GMAC Short Sale approval

GMAC on Friday morning!  It always feels great to receive approvals on our Elk Grove short sales because this means all of our hard work is going to help another Elk Grove homeowner avoid foreclosure and move on with their lives!  It took less than 40 days for us to receive this approval from GMAC!  Once we receive the short sale approval, it means we can move forward with closing this transaction much the same as we would any of our traditional sales.

Have you been wondering if you should sell your home through an Elk Grove short sale?  As Elk Grove short sale agents, we will sit down and confidentially talk to you about the options you have as a homeowner.  There are many options including loan modification and deed in lieu of foreclosure.  Many times, however, a short sale is the best route for homeowners having difficulty paying their house payment.  A Short sale will help you to avoid foreclosure and move on with your life.


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