How will The Mode & Durham Team Market My Home For Sale?

How will The Mode & Durham Team
Market My Home For Sale?

~We supply the right tools!

short sale sign Following you will see all the methods of marketing we utilize in the listing and selling of your home.  How we market to buyers AND agents, to get your home the most exposure, as soon as your home comes on the market.

  1.  We don’t just list it and forget it!Communication is the key to making needed adjustments to your personalized marketing plan for your home.
  • You will be contacted by me or the team on a routine basis to ensure you have no concerns or questions during the listing period.
  • We utilize a well thought out, step by step process on how and where to market your home.  At the end of 31 days, we revisit that process with you, and implement suggestions for refining it.
  • Based on the competition of other area homes, the number of showings your property has had, and the feedback from buyers, we may consult with you on reducing the price so that your house does not stagnate or suffer in comparison with what is on the market around you.
  1.  Keeping you as the seller informed of the market and the interest in your listing is a vital part of our marketing plan.  Our Team’s Listing Coordinator will send you an emailed client report every two weeks informing you of the statistics gathered on your home, including:
  • Comparables of homes newly on the market, or recently sold in your area within the last two weeks.
  • The number of views your property has received in the MLS, by both agents and buyers.
  • The number of views your property has been viewed on and
  • The number of views and click trough’s your Craigslist ads have received.
  • The number of phone calls we have had on your property from the sign, and your unique phone number with details.
  1.  The showing feedback for your home will be professionally handled through
  • Every showing will be followed up by three requests for feedback from the Showing Agent.  Our listing coordinator will continue to contact them until feedback is received.
  • Any feedback received is automatically forwarded to your email.
  1.  Who knows your home and area better than you?  We utilize your input on the home itself; the neighborhood, schools, shopping, and dining…Your words are one of the most powerful tools for attracting buyers!

marketing image Technology in Real Estate

Since the majority of home buyers now begin their search online, your listing’s presence and appearance is of utmost importance in attracting a buyer.

We are continually adding to, and updating our technology for marketing our listings.     

  • Attending learning seminars offering better ways to get our listings publicized in the optimum manner, in more places, and more often.  All in the name of capturing more buyers for your home.
  • We aggressively market our listings through public social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and more.
  • We publish multiple blogs about your home on multiple sites, including Active Rain, and
  • Your property will have a unique phone number and recording that interested buyers may call for more information.
  • Any buyers searching in your area can get the listing information on their cell phones through our KW Mobile App.

Experience Matters

  1.  The Mode & Durham Team has proven agents with over 50 years of experience and knowledge.
  • Our average days on market for our 2015 year listings has been 17 days.  That means, from the day we make the listing active, it was less than one month before we sat at the closing table.
  • 35% of our 2014 listings SOLD in less than 2 weeks!
  1.  We go to great lengths to determine how to sell your property most effectively.  We don’t take listings just to get our sign in your yard!
  • We determine the market value of your property by running studies of comparable area properties already sold to advise and help you to determine the proper sales price.  Smart pricing is based on what comparable homes have sold for, now what others in your neighborhood are presently for sale at.  After all, they have not successfully sold yet, and you’re the competition!
  1.  Pricing your home effectively is important.Today’s buyers are computer-savvy, and they know how to search for what they want.  Setting a price too high, can hurt in more ways than one; it knocks you out on search parameters it would sell for, and may cause you to miss the right buyer.
  • It can keep agents and buyers from making appointments to visit your property, or if they do, risk being disappointed with it in comparison to others in that price range.  That could give it a bad reputation, and allow it to languish on the market, becoming stale.

Exposure Counts

  1.  Your listing is marketed online to both buyers and agents for as much exposure as possible.
  • Your home will appear on the local MLS sites.
  • Your home will appear on our 3 Team sites:
  • Your home will appear on over 300 real estate sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +
  • Your home will appear in Google searches, due to the ad we place with Google Adwords
  • Your listing information will be published multiple times per week on Craigslist
  • Your home will appear on our Active Rain blog, and the All Elk Grove Homes blog.
  • Your home will appear on YouTube (further increasing your exposure on Google)
  • Your listing will appear on our Featured Listing section.
  1.  A mass mailed postcard,showcasing your home, is sent out to your neighborhood, as residents may know of others hoping to move into the area.
  2.   Take-away brochures will be provided for agents and buyers.
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