January law Requires ALL pre-1994 Homes be Retrofitted with Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

January law Requires ALL pre-1994 California Homes be
Retrofitted with Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

This new law went into effect January 1, 2014, with a goal of compliance by 2017.  But you might not find out about it until you start the remodel process…

faucet The water conserving measure requires low-flow toilets, shower heads, and all interior faucets in homes built before 1994.  Homes built after already have them.  Starting January 1st, homeowners will not be able to get final approval for a variety of home improvement projects, from replacement of windows, to a room addition.    No sign-off will come unless ALL plumbing fixtures on the property have been upgraded to low-flow water usage.

What does this mean for you??  Were you hoping or even planning on remodeling that tired bathroom?  If you want a new sink faucet, or any other plumbing fixture replaced, then you will have to replace faucets in the rest of the house!  A typical three bath home has up to 5 bathroom sink faucets, three shower heads, two to three tub faucets, 3 toilets, a kitchen sink, and possibly a sink in the laundry room!  Can you imagine the cost of replacing all of that?  What started as a small bathroom re-fresh, could turn into a financial disaster!

toilet SELLERS: By 2017, if your fixtures in the home have not been upgraded to low-flow, you must disclose the noncompliance to the new buyer.

On a Positive Note…
Low-flow fixtures in our homes would reduce our water usage by about 35 percent. Replacing just ONE toilet in your home would save the homeowner 10,000 gallons of water a year!  Double that if you replace TWO toilets!

  • January 1, 2014:  If your home improvement project requires a permit, you will not get a final approval unless all plumbing fixtures on the property have been replaced with low-flow fixtures.
  • By 2017:  the law requires all pre-1994 homes to be retrofitted with low-flow plumbing fixtures, plus disclosure of noncomplying fixtures when owners sell.


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