Methods for De-Cluttering Your House

Methods for De-Cluttering Your House

Make a good first impression when listing your home for sale and offering showings!  People feel better about a space that is clean and inviting, than a space that is dirty and cluttered.

Not everything that “clutters up the place” is clutter…Much of it is useful stuff that’s just in limbo until you find a place for it in your home.  These methods of organizing your home, will help you find those places!

  • Keep items where they are used:  this logical method of storage is also a time saver.  Plus, it saves the frustration and risk of resorting to items that aren’t sufficient for the job.  If something is needed in two or more places, get duplicates!  Remember, it isn’t clutter if it is put away!
  • Keep the most used items most accessible and visible, like keys and cell phones.  This way they are less likely to get misplaced or lost.
  • Use space creatively:  walls and cabinets are great storage spaces!  You can get get creative with ways to make your walls work for you.   Have a pile of pictures cluttering up your desk??  Turn them into a collage and get them on the wall!  Have a large open wall??  Invest in a large bookcase and hide less used items in baskets and bins!  Cabinets are typically a wide open hole…shelf organizers can give you some structure within the cabinet to separate items for easier finding.  Go through cabinets a least every 6 months, pull out anything that could use a new home, and put it in the ‘donate’ pile.  This free’s up space for the items you actually are using on a regular basis.
  • Discard expired items:  Some foods and medicines are time sensitive.  Vitamins lose potency and food items kept past their “use by” dates can be unpleasant!   For things that don’t have expiration dates…invent one!  Weekly magazines could “go bad” after a month, for instance.
  • Discard or Donate??:  Have a bag or place you always put items you are ready to let go to a better home.  When your local donation’s center does a pick-up, you won’t have to try and put together a bag of stuff, it will be ready to drop on the curb.  I love doing this with old clothes and toys we have outgrown.  Also, don’t be afraid to throw it away!!  If you feel like your items are worth money…Have a Yard Sale!              Removing it from your home is like a mental clean up as well!  Studies have shown de-cluttering your space leads to a de-cluttering of your mind!

Keep in mind, these are only guidelines, not hard-fast rules!  At times, what works for one, may not work for another!  Find what works for you and keep to it!

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