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Can senior citizens avoid paying Mello Roos?

This was brought to our attention by a friend of ours, and it prompted us to find the answer!  According to an Elk Grove Online Forum this is from  a “Tax Reduction Notice” from the Sacramento Bee on 4/13/15— I’m sure the same applies for 2017.

For Senior Citizens/Disabled Persons Residing in the Elk Grove Unified School District
Voters in the EGUSD approved the Community Facilities District No. 1 Bond Election and a special tax to pay for the bonds. The special tax provides that a property owner/occupant who resides in the EGUSD and is 65 years or older (as of July 1) or disabled, as defined by the State Controllers Office, may receive a reduction in the residential tax rate if student-age children do no reside with them.

To Qualify For The Reduction
A property owner or renter shall have the option of applying for a Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Tax Reduction, which would allow the school tax to be reduced by 70% for each qualified dwelling unit, if:

• The property owner shows evidence that the dwelling unit is occupied by a citizen that is at least 65 years of age or fully disabled.
• The applicant shows evidence of ownership of the property.
• The applicant shows evidence that student-age (grades K-12) children did not reside in the dwelling unit during the previous 24 months.
The reduction is allowed only for the residence in which the applicant resides; all others are subject to the full tax.

If the applicant rents his or her home or resides in a mobile home park, the landlord/owner must certify that the entire reduced tax will be reflected in the rent for the exempted dwelling unit(s).

YOU MUST RENEW YOUR STATUS EACH YEAR (Those currently receiving this tax reduction will receive a renewal reminder notice in the mail)

THE FILING PERIOD FOR THE TAX REDUCTION IS APRIL 15, 2015, TO JUNE 30, 2015 (I’m sure same dates apply to 2017)

Applications and qualification details for the Senior Citizen or Disabled Person Tax Reduction may be obtained in person or by writing, phoning, or emailing:

Elk Grove Unified School District
Facilities and Planning
9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Room 206
Elk Grove, CA 95624
Telephone: (916) 686-7562; Email: schooltax@egusd.net

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