The Biggest Home Seller Mistakes According to Real Estate Agents

The Biggest Home Seller Mistakes According to Real Estate Agents

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Here are the top mistakes real estate agents currently see made by homeowners looking to sell their home.  Of the top mistakes, most are ultimately in the hands of the seller.  Working with your agent to minimize the impact of these mistakes will make the sale of your home a reality!

1.  Overpriced Home

This was far and away the most common mistake sellers make that prevent them for selling their home.  If you overprice your home, there is a good chance no body is going to want to buy it.  Real Estate Agents do NOT set the market, but they price the home base on comparable homes that have all ready sold in the market.  Overpricing a home just to see if someone “bites”, is not a strategy employed by someone really serious about selling.  Overpricing could lead to missed opportunities with buyers that are serious about buying a home in the range your home SHOULD be listed.

The first week during which a home is listed will generally be the time that the most eyes are on the home, and the largest potential pool of buyers will be exposed to the listing. Setting a price that reflects the market is essential to selling.  Many sellers have lost thousands, even tens of thousands chasing a market down after setting a list price that was outside what the market was willing to bear.

2.  Showing Availability ~ It’s Difficult to Set a Showing
     The chances your home will sell without buyers being able to see it, is slim…read on

3.  Cluttered Space ~ Unwilling to Depersonalize or Remove Clutter
Sellers are sometimes unwilling to make the effort, or unwilling to compromise how            they live in their home during the time the home is open for showings…read on

4. Unpleasant Odors in the House
   “Mr. & Mrs. Seller, your house stinks!!”  Most agents aren’t going to be this blunt, read on

5.  Seller Unwilling to Make Repairs Prior to Listing
     No seller wants to spend a few thousand dollars making repairs to a house you are            about  to sell.  Agents understand that. …read on

6. Sellers Unwilling to Negotiate with Buyers
    Setting a market price on a home is not an exact science….read more

7. Bad Photos in the MLS
    This one will likely fall on your real estate agent, but knowing…read more

8.  The Home is Just Plain Messy
  You were late for work this morning so you ran out of the house leaving the dishes in the sink…read on

9.  Sellers Who Like to Play Tour Guide During Showings
 Almost every real estate agent who participated in this survey agreed that sellers                should leave the house during showings….read more

10.  Picking the Wrong Agent
So you decided to work with your more


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