Warning Camden and Sheldon North Residents – Please Read This!

Warning Camden Residents – Please Read


I had a neighbor just come over to my home in Camden and ask me to sign his petition.   My reply – “What petition?”  He was dumbfounded that I didn’t know anything about it.  He had received a letter from the City of Elk Grove, Development Services-Planning Department about a proposed project and rezoning of 18 acres on Sheldon Road across from the old tennis courts.  The proposal is for High density, low income apartments to be built. I didn’t get the letter from the City even though I am in the 500 foot radius that should have received it and apparently a lot of other Camden and Sheldon North neighbors didn’t get it either.

This 18 acre parcel sits among homes that are 20 – 25 years old and in a well-established neighborhood. This is an urgent matter and requires our immediate attention.  If low income housing is built here, it will have a significant and devastating effect on the value of our homes and the safety of our neighborhoods.  Here is a link to the notice that was sent to surrounding neighbors:  http://egplanning.org/commissions-committees/planning/public-hearings/2014/ph-01-09-14-housing-element.pdf.

Here is a map of the proposed site:


The current zoning for this property is AR-5 but the underlying General Plan designates it as low density residential, which is RD-4 through RD-7, just like the rest of the neighborhood.  At this point, this 18 acre parcel is only identified as a candidate site, but without objections from concerned neighbors like you and me, the City of Elk Grove will have no reason NOT to move forward with this plan.  It is imperative that we all join together as concerned citizens and property owners at the next Planning Commission meeting on January 9, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. in the City Council Chambers at 8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove.  The City Council will also be meeting on February 12th at 6:00 P.M. in the same location where they hope to make final site selections.  YOUR ATTENDANCE TO THESE MEETINGS IS CRUCIAL! 

You will see people out in the neighborhood over the next few days asking you to sign a petition to let the Elk Grove City Council know that we are strongly opposed to this rezoning to accommodate low income housing in our neighborhood.  If you are not home to sign this petition when we stop by, please feel  free to call me at (916) 230-0371 and I will make sure you get the petition to sign!

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